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Our Story

Crimson Rose Puppies is located in central Ohio. We as a family of four live on 10 acres in a beautiful country setting surrounded by wildlife that we greatly enjoy. Our mission is to honor our creator in all we do and serve others by fulfilling their dreams of owning the highest quality and most healthy puppy companion.  

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Our passion for the labrador retriever breed began in 2015 when we purchased our first chocolate lab as a family pet. After many evening walks and falling more and more in love and the idea of having more like her we decided to expand our family of labradors. After a couple of litters when we felt comfortable and confident in the knowledge we had gained. We decided that we were ready to take the next step. We continued our research into the breed and made a commitment to ourselves that our goal would be to only produce the highest quality and genetically health-tested offspring. We also have a desire to breed for excellent temperament and conformation that the avid sportsman or family seeking a loving companion can enjoy. We have a deep desire to better the breed and build on past generations of success. 

As a family, we love the outdoors and being active. We enjoy hunting and taking in all that nature in our neck of the woods has to offer. The Labrador breed fits well with our active lifestyle and it's for that reason the breed is our favorite.


To raise a champion we understand that there is much hard work and dedication required. Whether it's for hunting and retrieving, obedience, or potty training we will do our best to match our services to your family's needs. We also work with you personally to select the best puppy that will fit your own unique personality. Our goal is to have puppies ready to excel in both the field and the home. We desire puppies that are great companions, family pets, and have a drive and desire to excel at whatever the task.  


All of our puppies are AKC registered are up to date on vaccinations and de-worming. Our puppies are well socialized with other puppies, children, adults as well as other animals. We also offer a two-year genetic health guarantee. 

We are very grateful for the blessing to be able to raise these wonderful animals and look forward to sharing our passion with you. 

The Miller Family

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