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Health & Nutrition

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We keep our adults and puppies happy and healthy feeding them one of the finest dog foods. We feed Nutrena to ensure the longest and best quality of life possible.   
Each Puppy Will Be Sent Home With A Puppy Packet
The Packet  Includes:
  • A written guarantee for one year on Hips and genetic defects.
  • AKC paperwork
  • All shots and de-worming records
  • A starter bag of puppy food and feeding information
  • A toy that has been played with by the puppy and its littermates
(The scent of the littermates helps the puppy adjust to a new environment easier)
Puppies are dewormed at two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, and eight weeks of age. At five weeks the puppies are given their first shots. All puppies are given a full examination by a licensed veterinarian prior to leaving us.  
Adam's Flea & Tick Products
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Register Your Pet's Microchip

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PLEASE DO NOT OVER FEED YOUR DOG! Follow manufacture directions. Over feeding dogs is the greatest cause of cancer and joint problems in dogs. Keep them physically fit with top quality food in the correct quantity and plenty of exercise. Other than an occasional treat of scrambled eggs, some cheeses including cottage cheese we highly discourage human food given to dogs. Cooked beef bones from your local butcher can be a healthy treat also. No chicken or turkey bones recommended!

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